MÖRK BORG and CY_BORG Materials

The Backrooms

An assassin has been pulling off hits that no one would have dreamed possible. They have been infiltrating secure locations across Central and The Hills.

The Backrooms is a pamphlet-sized module that includes a map and stat blocks for a new enemy, a new app, and some new cybertech for the punks to recover.

VIP Abduction

The punks have a mission. Kidnap Lukas Tosk. He’s traveling with just his driver today. It’ll be a quick 10k¤.

Or so they think.

VIP Abduction is a pamphlet-sized module for CY_BORG with a map and detailed location descriptions with enemies and loot for the punks to find.

A Throne of Lies

A short dungeon on one page, A Throne of Lies can be dropped into any setting or game. Three versions available: one for D&D 5e, one for MÖRK BORG, and one for a dungeon game. You decide where the entrance is, and Aamrin will take care of the rest. 

Watch out for the tentacle.

The 3 Towers of Flägash the Undying

Venture among the cultists of Flägash, the dhampir sorcerer. An adventure with a unique mechanic to show the gradual decay of willpower during prolonged exposure to the cult.

The Tomb of Galien

Delve into the tomb of the warlock Galien in search of treasure, enchanted items, and arcane knowledge. A short dungeon with stat blocks for a boss monster from another dimension and special magic items to reward players for surviving the tomb.