M. Allen Hall

The Voidbringer Campaign

Join three siblings on an adventure through their TTRPG campaign in this family-friendly LitRPG epic!

Available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle.

Stork Raven Madge

A solo-journaling game designed using the Wretched and Alone SRD.

Abandoned on a tiny island in the Baltic Sea, you must survive the elements and the island’s dark history. Can you stay focused long enough for help to come?

Other TTRPGs!

Check out my modules written for other TTRPGs, mainly MÖRK BORG and CY_BORG. Maps, items, enemies, NPCs, and plot hooks for one-shots and quests to drop into your campaigns.

M. Allen Hall is father and DM to three young adventurers, one cat, and more houseplants than he’d care to mention. He is a lover of games of all kinds, and looks forward to the day that he can write and play games full-time. He is forever thankful to his beautiful wife for the time to pursue his passions.